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The cost of sending a child to Great Lakes Burn Camp is
 $300 for Winter Camp 2004, and $600 for Summer Camp 2004
Great Lakes Burn Camp proudly provides our camp to burn injured children at
NO COST of any kind to them or their families.

Any donations received are greatly appreciated!!
If you would like to make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation of money or supplies,
or if you would like to organize a fundraiser to help send our kids to camp.

Please contact:
Mike Longenecker, Camp Director, Great Lakes Burn Camp Inc.
1709 N. West Ave.
Suite 138
Jackson MI, 49202
Phone: 1-800-989-2571   Email:

2004 Monetary Donators
Click here for the list of Supplies or Service Donators

Listings Alphabetical by FIRST name

3-D Real Estate Inc
A.B. & Susan Diamond
Allen Lee & Marie Clark
Althea Molden
Amanda Kimball
Amber Keyes
Ann Marshall
Anonymous Donations
Blaine & Kristine Blessing
Brian & Melissa Holland
Building Special Friendships Precious Moments Club
Buttermilk Enterprises
Carla Sims
Cascade Firefighters Assoc
Casey & Tracy Hall
Charles & Linda Weaver
Cheryl Stewart
Christopher & Mary Ann Hagerty
City of Rochester Hills
Communication Plus
Cooper Firefighters Association
Dana Parks
David & Yolanda Butler
David Farmer Enterprises Inc
David Pearce
Dean & Jennifer Marsh
Debbie McDonald
Deidre De Kam
Dennis & Linda Waystedt
Dewey & Joan Coursey
Dewey & Joan Coursey
Dianna Grady
Don & Dixie Garrison
Donna Rouse
Doris Freeman
Doris Simpson
Earleen Hayes
Ed & Tea Schwienebart
Ekhoff Brothers Inc
Elizabeth Valade
Fleet Matching Gifts Program
Fred & Betty Swindle
Freedom Team Inc
George & Emma Coffey
George Geerlings
Georgenna King
Goodrich Methodist Men
Harry & Bernadine Styla
Jane Caldwell
Janice Fuller
Jennifer Belcher
Jennifer Davies
Jennifer Doughty
Jerry & Christine Tobias
Jim & Jane Goettl
John & Priscilla Hughes
John Sirois
Judith Rhyne
Kathy Brooks
Kathy Brooks
Larry & Debbie McDonald
Lauresia Hardiman
Leadership Factory Inc
Leon Harvey
Lewis & Mora Kenyon
Marilyn Amendt
Marion & Cheryl Middleton
Mark & Bobbie Lingo
Marshall City Fire Fighters Association
Marvin & Joyce Ross
Mason Firefighters Assn Inc
Melody Lyons
Michael & Abbe Poline
Michael J Lantz, CPA, PC
Mr & Mrs John Nagy
Neal & Ruth Torrey
Pamela Chandler
Parchment United Methodist Church
Partners Bar
Peter & Sharon Denslow
Peter & Sharon Denslow
Phyllis Vandigriff
Ralph & Kristy Brittingham
Ralph Northerner
Renaissance Network Inc
Renee Acho
Robert & Carol Hagaman
Robert Buhrmester
Ronald & Sheila Steffes
Roy & Patricia Manley
Ruthann Maxson
Sandra Smith
Sandy Hull
Scott & Margaret Hogan
See It Big Inc
Shawn Tomlin
Shelly Morrow Bagby
Sherryl Willhoit
Stacey Reeves
Stephen & Roxene Graves
Steven & Cathy Jahr
Suzan Pettengill
Taylor School of Dance LLC
Team National Products Inc
Tim & Sherri Sharp
Tim Sharp Inc
Timothy & Nancy Newman
Todd & Christine Lacy
Trinity Steen
Vicki Garnaat
Victoria Wright
W Don Garrison MME
Whatever It Takes Inc
William & Anita Watson


2003 Supplies or Service Donators
List is alphabetical by first name