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Guidelines -

1. Have attended GLBC for a full year (summer and winter session)

2. Must be willing to travel by whatever means the board approves. 
( You will be given this information at the time you are asked to make your decision.)

3. Have contributed to the GLBC camp environment in a positive manner and be in good standing with camp.

You will be notified if you have been chosen by the board of directors.
You must give an answer either way within 7days. If you do not give answer the board within 7 days they will move to the next person on the list.

All fields are required to be filled in.  
Any application submitted that is not complete will be considered as INVALID

First Name    Last Name

Number of years attending/volunteering at GLBC

Position(s) held at GLBC
-list all-

I wish to attend: IAFF    Exchange program with other B.C.    Either

Please give a brief statement as to why you are interested in participating in the 
IAFF camp or exchange program

List any and all GLBC fundraising activities you have participated in

Are you a member of the coalition? YES    NO

If you are interested in attending the IAFF Camp, are you a firefighter? YES    NO

If yes, what department do you work for?

By pressing the submit button you are "signing" this form and stating that all the information contained within the form is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.