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Meeting:  GLBC Coalition Date:  9/18/02                    Meeting Started:  18:02       Adjourned:  20:00    
Attendance: Amy Clark, Pam Peterson, Mike Longenecker, David Carroll, Sue Polan, Kevin    
  Scarbrough, Debbie Lane, Debbie Jamieson, KaSandra Brown, Gretchen Olney, Jim    
  Swinkowski, Chris Noonan, Jim Leve, Eric Weber, Janine Rigg, Mark Avery, Maggie    
  Gibson, Donna Marsh, Chris Boyd, Ron Mills, Jim Williams, Ann Hunt, Sonia Rickhoff    
Agenda Item Discussion Resolution  
July Minutes review No Changes Consensus to pass  
Fundraising Update Web Site has the most current postings of fundraisers Contact Mike Longenecker if you  
  Sept. 19, Paul Davis Restoration Golf outing, N. Grand Rapids are available to volunteer for any  
  Sept 22-23, Saginaw Twp. Firefighter booth at the mall fund-raisers  
  Sept. 27, Fri Evening Dinner, Kalamazoo    
  Sept. 28, Sat. Cooper Twp. Golf outing    
  Sept 29, Motorcycle ride in Niles Twp. Free entry to apple festival    
  Oct.  Midland ticket raffle    
  Overall, fundraisers are going well    
Financial Update Collected approximately $50,000 in donations during the week of summer camp    
  Scholarship committee is forming if any coalition members would like to participate Contact:Kasandra Brown, Debbie  
    Lane, Ron Mills, or Jodi Monarch  
  Expense forms are accessible from the web site for reimbursement    
Board Report GLBC is sending four people to the Atlanta Burn Camp Conference:    
  Debbie Jamieson, Mark Avery, Mike Longenecker, KaSandra Brown    
  GLBC is providing $5,000.00 in sponsorship for families to attend World Burn Congress    
  A committee is forming to establish guidelines for sending persons to conferences Contact:  Amy Clark, Sue Polan,  
    Mike Longenecker, or Kevin  
    Scarbrough if you are interested  
  No tolerance discussion for drinking during staff training    
Summer Camp Report Director report:  89 Kids attended, none sent home, overall a good week    
    *need to streamline communication amongst staff    
    *Follow the chain of command when there is a problem    
    *There are some improvements that need to be made with staff    
    *The state inspector stayed for five hours and no violations were found with staff and    
    *Morning meetings; encourage rotation of staff from each cabin/activity to encourage    
     communication and outpost will be included next year.    
    *kids appeared to enjoy the outpost, appeared to be successful    
    *carnival and distribution of school supplies went well    
    *Communication confusion with kayaks and bikes next year a schedule will be  
    posted for bikes and kayaks will  
    be kept in the boat house  
    *Went well, children seemed to enjoy activities, extra staff helped a great deal    
    *Home Depot is interested in partnering for some wood work activities next year    
    *Lost swimmer drill went well    
    *Overall waterfront went well    
    *suggestions to decrease the number of slow songs, to monitor behavior closely at    
     all times, to keep the lights brighter, staff to keep at arms length when dancing with    
    *Confusion regarding laundry bags, suggestion to add instructions for the cabins Take any feedback to Ron Mills  
    *Garage was too congestion, need to try to keep people out of that area    
    *Luggage flow could be improved but was hard to control due to parking of parade Take any further suggestions to  
     participants. the program committee  
    *Suggestion to put up snow fences to help direct the children    
    *Try to get food to the airport earlier next year    
    *Try to arrange activities for the kids at the airport next year from 11:00-1:00    
    *A new cover sheet was introduced to simplify applications    
    *There is going to be a big change in applications for winter camp    
  ACPL Programming:    
    *Suggestions to build in incentives to arrive as a group during backpacking to    
     encourage team work    
    *Suggestion to bring ropes activities back into staff training to promote team work    
    *Cabin three felt it took too long and there was too much walking    
    *Cabins five and six were not able to cooperate for the activities    
    *There were too many changes at the last minute any changes need to go through  
    Jim Swinkowski and the program  
    *Problems with missed meals and the food that was served for cabins doing activities There will be an assistant to the  
     away from the main camp chef that will meet each morning  
    to confirm daily meals for campers
  Sponsor Luncheon:    
    *Trophies were well received Contact Mark Avery with any  
    *Tours went well further suggestions  
    *Media packets needed    
    *Hostesses requested a quick briefing of camp information prior to the luncheon so    
     can be prepared to answer donor questions    
    *Do not pack medications    
    *If a child does not have their meds, they shouldn't be allowed to attend camp Medications should be the same  
    *add sleep apnea to the medical information on the application as if they were going to school  
    *Do not have children bring any over the counter medications, camp is well stocked    
    *Open sessions worked out well Send any ideas to the Program  
  Boat Race:    
    *Difficult to get all the kids involved and interested in the boat building process Dave Caroll and Amy Clark are  
    *Rules are not clear, suggestions to provide clarification for next year volunteering to help streamline  
    this activity  
  Cabin 3:  Had a camper with a language barrier, volunteer helped a great deal    
  Cabin 5:  Kids were not cooperative    
  Cabin 6:  Cabin meetings went well    
  Bruce and Bob feedback:    
    *Requesting cabins to set up and take down tents when camping    
    *Tents need to be tipped on their sides each morning    
  Smith and Nephew Goodie bags:    
    *They are looking for input of what should/shouldn't be in the bags Take ideas to Mark Avery  
    *Suggestions to keep ponchos and include beach towels    
  PR Coordinator    
    *Offered to try to secure an astronaut to visit for next year Consensus no on this offer  
Winter Camp Update Site visit on new facility:  We will not be changing facilities, will return to Boyne    
  Camp Dates:  February 21-23, 2003    
Miscellaneous Debbie Jamieson is collecting photos from summer camp to be posted on the web site    
Next Meeting Lansing Fire Dept #8, October 9, 2002    
  Meeting Adjourned